Thank you for your interest in my music.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed producing it.



3 thoughts on “ThankYou

  1. The Heath Family would like to extend our appreciation and formal gratitude to Mr. CB Kelton and whomever else was responsible for honoring my past requests and acknowledging our late father John V. Heath of Herrin, IL (formerly Decatur, IL) as the original writer and composer of Season For Love. Too many years passed giving others unworthy credit for His accomplishment. My father was an incredibly talented, distinguished man yet unselfishly humble. Always recognizing payment for selling His beautifully composed masterpiece, he Never sought any other form of compensation, rights, or royalties as the sole composer and writer of Season for love. He was obviously unrepresented and nievly trusted the inadequate yet creatively cunning cousil he received at the time. Although this song was sold, transposed, informalized, and recorded….My father’s piece was written as a “classically composed” dedicatation to his wife and our beautiful mother Diana Martin Heath. Our family cherishes the memories of witnessing the countless serenades of his original piece by our father sitting at the piano to our mother. They spent 58 beautiful years of marriage together. Despite my endless efforts, I was never contacted by anyone in response to my requests to name our father publicly as writer. Unfortunately our Father John lost his battle with cancer on April 4th, 2017. Unexpectedly just 10 months later on Feb 28th 2018, also due to cancer, Our Mother Diana was beckoned Home by our Heavenly Father Jesus Christ and reunited with the love of her life as his faithful muse. They were both on Streets of Gold before Daddy could be respectfully honored, credited and vindicated for his brilliance. But I’ll be sure to tell them both when i see them again.. Thank you for your time and i look forward to receiving my copy. Sincerely, Tiger Heath

  2. My sincere gratitude for giving our father his long awaited recognition as writer for Season For Love. I wish he’d lived to see his name credited. I have to believe as he’s walking Streets of Gold with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, he somehow knows. Thank you for giving this amazing gift to our family. God Bless you All,
    Sincerely Greatful,
    The Heath Children
    M. Michelle Heath 58
    John Todd Heath. 57
    Matthew D. Heath. 49
    K.Heather “Tiger” Heath 44
    All of Southern Illinois

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