Track1.mp3 The Lonely Bull       Track2.mp3 Mexican Shuffle    Track3.mp3 Whipped Cream   Track4.mp3 Lollipops and Roses    Track5.mp3 A Taste Of Honey   Track6.mp3    Spanish Flee      Track7.mp3 Tijuana Taxi  Track8.mp3 Zorba The Greek   Track9.mp3 What Now My Love   Track10.mp3 So Whats New    Track11.mp3 The Work Song   Track12.mp3 This Guys In Love   Track13.mp3 Casino Royale

Track14.mp3 Route 101   Track15.mp3 Fandango   Track16.mp3 Rise   Track17.mp3 Rotation   Track18.mp3 Diamonds   Track19.mp3 Keep Your Eye On Me   Track20.mp3 Making Love In the Rain