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When The Saints Go Marching In

The first album recorded by the Kelton Family in 1969. This album features songs recorded by 4-year-old Mike Kelton (It’s Really Surprising), 8-year-old Steve Kelton (My God Is Real), and the rest of the Kelton Family. A classic to be treasured for a lifetime.

Now, for the first time, you can download high-quality MP3 versions of the songs right here. Make your selections, below, and click "Download" to purchase your copies for only $0.88 each. Each song is a digitally-remastered version of the original song on the LP.

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Time Price Download
When The Saints go Marching In
3:57 0.88
My God Is Real
3:00 0.88
Daddy Sang Bass
2:26 0.88
It's Really Surprising
2:32 0.88
Just A Heartbeat From Heaven
2:29 0.88
When God Dips His Love
2:44 0.88
Pity The Man
3:52 0.88
It'll Happen Just Like He Said
2:41 0.88

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  1. Mike K. says:

    Hi Dad-I should have downloaded this and the rest of your music a long time ago!Anyway, keep the music goin’-luv, Mike

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