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The Pianist

CB Kelton

© Copyright 2012 – CB Kelton

Relaxing piano music by legendary artist, CB Kelton. CB’s newest CD: The Pianist

I know that I am different to most artists in how I play and select the songs I want to put on a CD for the public and my fans.  First of all, I don’t just sit down and pick one song to play and perfect for a recording.  Instead, I usually just sit down at the keyboard or piano and just have fun playing my favorite songs; in some cases it may be a new song I just heard and can’t quit humming or get out of my mind.  There are a couple of those on this album (Hallejaluh and You raise me up).   So, I just have fun and hit the record button, and when I am pleased with a song that I have done I save it on the computer.  I think it is just the fact that I would play for free, even though I have been lucky enough to make a living for over 40 years just playing, and singing the thousands of songs I have in my brain.  Some of these songs I have never seen the written music to.  Maybe this is what sets me apart from other musicians.  My dad was a stinker when it came to reading and playing music; the music had to be sung or played exactly as the composer wrote.  But I don’t do that necessarily, I like to put my own expressions and feeling into each song….You will hear this in this CD as well.

-CB Kelton

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Time Price Download
1:37 0.88
I Can't Help Falling In Love With You
2:06 0.88
Let It Be
1:37 0.88
Phantom Of The Opera
3:12 0.88
Somewhere Over The Rainbow
5:12 0.88
What A Wonderful World
3:52 0.88
3:37 0.88
The Entertainer
1:55 0.88
Wind Beneath My Wings
3:47 0.88
You Raise Me Up
2:29 0.88

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  1. John Kelton says:

    I have to agree — “Hallelujah” and “You Raise Me Up” are probably my favorites. You did a great job on all of the pieces. Keep up the great job!

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