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1. LOVING YOU (C.B. Kelton - Dial A Hit Music - BMI) 2:13
2. DEVIL IN MY SOUL (C.B. Kelton - Dial A Hit Music - BMI) 2:46
3. MOVIN’ ON (Stevie Wonder - Hill & Range Music - BMI) 2:33
4. SPRING IS HERE TO STAY (C.B. Kelton - Dial A Hit Music - BMI) 3:50
5. KILLING ME SOFTLY (Norman Gimbel & Charles Fox - Gimbel Music - BMI) 3:51


1. ACCEPT THE THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE (C.B. Kelton - Dial A Hit Music - BMI) 1:58
2. HITCHIN’ A RIDE (Murray - Callender - Intune Inc. - BMI) 3:06
3. SEASON FOR LOVE (J. Heath - ASCAP) 2:36
4. FOR THE GOOD TIMES (Kris Kristofferson - Buckhorn Music - BMI) 4:00
5. I’LL HAVE TO SAY I LOVE YOU (Jim Croce - ASCAP) 3:12

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Loving You

CB Kelton

© Copyright 1971-2012 – CB Kelton
Stereo HLP-101
Produced 1971 by Steve Beck / Photography by Dave Shultz

C.B. don’t mean Country Boy, although it very well could, cause C.B. KELTON, can perform a country song and throw it into a contemporary vein. along with the best of the top.

His piano pickin’ is so great that they named a radio after him … I’m sure you’ve heard of a C.B. radio …

All of the folks flock faster, for future further findings, at the Brown Jug in and around Decatur, Illinois, where C.B. has piano playings and song singings just about every time fast folks flock.

This, his newest put together Album, is tough, it’s so tough, it just could be the one to make C.B. Rich, cause he knows what made Charlie, Rich. He had to take a hold of the knob and stay behind closed doors …

C.B., as well as entertainer, singer, piano picker, is also a writer of beautiful songs, as this Album is titled, ‘LOVING YOU’ – which is a writ by hand C.B. KELTON song – He also wrote – ‘DEVIL IN MY SOUL’‘SPRING IS HERE TO STAY’ and ‘ACCEPT THE THINGS YOU CAN’T CHANGE’.

He puts his everything in each and every melody and set of lyrics in this Album, and I’m sure if you are like me, you will buy two Albums, one to listen to and en­joy, plus one to keep as an investment, for instance, the early Elvis and John Cash Records are now collectors items, so keep one Album in mint condition and later, you can say, ‘I have a first edition, mint condition, C.B. KELTON ‘Loving You’ Album – and those who failed to pick up two, will say – ‘I lost mine somewhere, if I come by, would you let me make a copy off of yours’. You’ll just have to tell them no, and watch them hang their heads and slowly walk away … So ride with the winner, and C.B. KELTON has a winner, with this, his newest Album – called ‘LOVING YOU’


George L. Lewis

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Time Price Download
Loving You
2:13 0.88
Devil in My Soul
2:46 0.88
Movin' On
2:33 0.88
Spring is Here to Stay
3:50 0.88
Killing Me Softly
3:51 0.88
Accept The Things You Can't Change
1:58 0.88
Hitchin' a Ride
3:06 0.88
Season For Love
2:36 0.88
For The Good Times
4:00 0.88
I'll Have To Say I Love You
3:12 0.88

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